History U19 In 1998 during the preparations for the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the granting of municipal status to the town of Altstätten, the idea of complementing the numerous cultural events with a sporting extravaganza was born. The initiators decided to organize an international U18 football tournament. Thanks to the support provided by Marcel Staub, technical manager of the biggest junior tournament in Europe (The FIFA Youth Cup in Zurich), it was already possible to attract prominent teams to come to Altstätten the very first time the tournament was held. As a result of the huge success and extremely positive international feedback, the organizing committee decided to stage the tournament again in 2000. Bearing in mind the financial burden, and in order to maintain its exclusivity, it was decided that the event should be held every two years. Today the tournament is able to describe itself as the number 3 in Switzerland, behind the FIFA Youth Cup in Zurich and the Easter Tournament in Bellinzona. As a result of the re- structuring of the age categories in 2002, the U18 has evolved into a U19 football tournament. Meanwhile, through our resolute promotional activities, we have progressed to become a popular partner for international tournament organizers too. This cooperation makes it easier to attract the participation of top-class teams. Enquiries directed at amalgamation with other tournaments or closer working arrangements in other areas (e.g. marketing) have thus far elicited a negative response from us, since we wish to remain independent and continue to lend the tournament our own very individual note.
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