22./23. MAI 2020
22./23. MAI 2020
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The tournament is only possible thanks to the generosity of the Rhine Valley population. You can support our tournament as follows: • Main Sponsor • Team Sponsor • Referee Sponsor • Helper T-shirt sponsor • Sponsor entertainment • Medals Sponsor • Match Ball Sponsor • Final Game Sponsor • Home Evening Sponsor • Support for the sponsor run If interested, Urs Schneider will be happy to present the prices with our consideration. The members of the OK are not members of the FC Altstätten. FC Altstätten is represented by one person in the OK. Although the tournament is registered with the Swiss Football Association under the name of FC Altstätten, the organization is independent, which means that FC Altstätten has no guarantee of deficit. The junior department of FC Altstätten participates in tournament proceeds because FC Altstätten provides approx. 250 assistants for each of the two tournament days.
Under the name "Freundeskreis U19 Junior Tournament" there is an association in the sense of ZGB Art 60 ff. In Altstätten, which aims to ensure the continuity of the international U19 football tournament in the Rhine Valley, to give it financial support and to ensure the continued existence of the tournament also intangibly to promote. Members of the association can become natural and legal persons who are willing to promote the purposes of the association and to comply with the statutory obligations. Membership begins with the payment of the first annual fee of currently CHF 100 and the decision to accept it by the board. The annual fee includes participation in the annual general meeting with dinner and a contribution to the joint visit to an international football game. If you are interested in joining the Freundeskreis, please contact an OK member. Without the generous support of our sponsors, this tournament could not be held in this way. Please take these companies into account when shopping. Many thanks!
We are a proud partner event of the RHEMA Sportdialog. On Thursday, April 24, 2020, top- class athletes will meet at the Allmend in Altstätten for a moderated dialogue. More information about the event and tickets on www.sportdialog.ch
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9450 Altstätten SG, Switzerland Internationales U19- Fussballturnier
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Lead Sponsor Kühnis Brillen und Optik AG und Kühnis Hörwelt AG, Altstätten Team Sponsor Alpha RHEINTAL Bank AG, Berneck Beerli Storen GmbH, Au Buschor und Partner Orthopädie Rheintal AG, Balgach Caron Fahrzeugtechnik AG, Altstätten Clientis Biene Bank im Rheintal, Altstätten CMA CNC-Mechanik AG, Altstätten Credit Suisse AG, St. Gallen Gasthaus und Speiserestaurant Lindenhof, Altstätten Gschwend + Willi AG, Altstätten Hirslanden, Klinik am Rosenberg, Heiden Panaccount Consulting Establishment, FL-Vaduz Schreinerei Popp AG, Altstätten St. Galler Kantonalbank AG, Altstätten Wüst Metallbau AG, Altstätten Zünd MobilCenter AG, Lüchingen Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Altstätten Helper T-Shirt Sponsor RT Immobilien Treuhand AG, Altstätten Medal Sponsor Reise-Treff Steiger AG, Altstätten Clothing Sponsor Mode Weber, Rheinpark, St. Margrethen VC999, Silvio Weder, USA-Kansas City Entertainment Sponsor AXA Winterthur Versicherungen & Vorsorge, Altstätten AXA Grossunternehmen, St. Gallen Decoration Sponsor Blueme Judith, Altstätten Team Outing Sponsor Mutual Consulting Establishment, FL-Vaduz Filmfabrik Anstalt, FL-Vaduz & Zürich Matchball Sponsor Kurt Köppel AG, Marbach Trophy Sponsor Rhode Stadt und Vorstadt, Altstätten Referee Sponsor Raiffeisenbank Oberes Rheintal, Altstätten Metzgerei Ritter AG, Altstätten Tournament Final Sponsor Spiel um Platz 7: UBS AG, Altstätten Spiel um Platz 5: Pemat AG, Oberriet Spiel um Platz 3: Edith und Peter Bürki, Altstätten Halbfinal: Ott, Hagen und Partner AG, FL-Vaduz Halbfinal: Walter Coray Unterhaltsarbeiten, Altstätten Finalspiel: Montague Goldsmith Capital AG, Altstätten Tournament Group Games Sponsor Spiel 1 Edith & Peter Bürki, Altstätten Spiel 2 Panaccount Buchhaltungs & Beratungs AG, Steinhausen Spiel 3 Heule Werkzeug AG, Balgach Spiel 4 Dietsche Caravan Camping AG, Rebstein Spiel 5 Mutual Consulting Establishment, FL-Vaduz Spiel 6 Sonnenbau Gruppe, Diepoldsau Spiel 7 Panaccount Buchhaltungs & Beratungs AG, Steinhausen Spiel 8 Hutter Remo & Susi, Kriessern Spiel 9 Edith & Peter Bürki, Altstätten Spiel 10 Zahnarztpraxis Savary/Baumeler, Altstätten Spiel 11 Mutual Consulting Establishment, FL-Vaduz Spiel 12 Lüchinger Metallbau AG, Kriessern Patron Genossenschaft Migros Ostschweiz, Gossau St. Galler Kantonal-Fussballverband, Diepoldsau Rusto & Co. AG, Goldach Restaurant GELA, Altstätten arthro med GmbH, Rebstein Schmid Design, Rebstein Säntis Schwebebahn AG, Schwägalp Ortsgemeinde Altstätten Hotel Restaurant Sonne, Altstätten Restaurant Schützenhaus, Altstätten EHG Stahl.Metall Altstätten AG, Altstätten Sonnenbräu AG, Rebstein Veteranen-Vereinigung SFV, Sektion GR-FL-SG Thür Getränke AG, Altstätten Mineralquellen Mels AG, Markus Eugster, Altstätten Hasler Stefan, Altstätten Many thanks for your support!
we would like tho thank our main sponsor Many thanks for the great support website: Kühnis Seh- und Hörwelt
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